Realize Your Vision

Start your digital transformation right.


If you're just getting started, or you are struggling to get traction on a full-blown project, we have the experience you need.

Articulate the problem

Level 11’s feasibility and definition process

WHEN: you need help articulating your vision of Transformation Done Right for your stakeholders

Four week collaborative process to identify user needs and analyze your technology ecosystem. We will also conduct an onsite Design Thinking workshop, the output of which will be a high level development and product roadmap, and a prioritized list of use cases and opportunities, based on stakeholder feedback, user understanding and market intelligence.

Solution ideation

Level 11’s hypotheses creation and ideation process

WHEN: you need to secure the budget for your vision of Transformation Done Right

Eight week collaborative process to develop a deep contextual understanding of your customer’s journey, resulting in an executive level business case and a curated technology solution. We will design and facilitate an onsite envisioning & ideation workshop, using Design Thinking methodology

Formulate the plan

Level 11’s proprietary and comprehensive planning process

WHEN: you need the detailed implementation plan for Transformation Done Right to ensure on time and budget delivery

Twelve week collaborative process to fully define the various user journeys and technical system requirements. We will leverage our id8 process and supplement with partner integration and vendor recommendations, a solution architecture, a complete project plan, and a business analysis. During this process, we will also identify opportunities to “Spike the Problem”, where we tackle the biggest technical and design challenges in the earliest days of the program.