Level 11 at University of Washington's GIX


SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - January 5th, 2016. Level 11 today announced its role as development partner in University of Washington’s new Global Innovation Exchange Building in Bellevue’s Spring District. 

Level 11 is a full-lifecycle product development services leader, combining deep domain expertise, emerging trends, and cross-industry experience to define and build disruptive solutions, services, and experiences, to identify new opportunities, strengthen brands, and disrupt industries. With its experience-centric philosophy at the core, Level 11 is helping GIX to re-invigorate approaches, solutions, and innovation principles by pushing the limits of creativity and designing platforms and technologies necessary to bring creative concepts to life. 


Level 11’s efforts will be instrumental to the development of an interactive experience platform, information, and presence aware systems, and a visually rich Plan-Arrive-Experience-Remember (PAER) ecosystem that enables and accentuates donor, faculty, and student recognition; drives new personalized engagements; as well as systems that deliver convenient and contextual self-service sources for information.

The GIX building is scheduled to open in time for the 2017-2018 school year. The new experience platform and select interactive services will debut in fall 2017, while expansions and new services are planned to be rolled out over subsequent months. GIX will help elevate the greater Seattle region as a center of innovation. Located in Bellevue’s Spring District in a nearly 100,000-square foot, state-of-the-art facility, the GIX building will feature design studios, a large makerspace, electronics prototyping labs, and spaces for collaboration and presentations.

 "We are honored to be recognized as a key partner in the digital disruption of the education industry," said Mark Hadland, CEO of Level 11. "Level 11's Experience Design Engineers have tackled some of the most complex solutions throughout the interactive experience platform development.”


About University of Washington’s Global Innovation Exchange (GIX)

Ranked by Reuters as the most innovative public university in the world, the University of Washington is working to find solutions to today’s major challenges. 

The Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) is a global partnership between major research universities in collaboration with innovative corporations and NGOs to develop thought leaders in innovation. GIX pioneers new forms of teaching and learning by connecting world-class learners and faculty with research-led companies and NGOs to collaborate on solutions to global challenges.