Philips Lumify

Accolades for Lumify:


Philips Lumify is the world's first app-based ultrasound system.

Designed to emulate the simplicity of use and installation of consumer mobile applications, the Lumify system consists of three integrated components: a Lumify ultrasound transducer, a compatible smart-device, and the Lumify mobile application.  When combined, Lumify transforms any compatible smart-device into a high quality ultrasound system, extending the reach and benefits of ultrasound across the healthcare continuum.


Level 11 engaged with the Philips team in November 2014. At that time, Lumify was approaching 510k regulatory approval for the initial generation of transducers, but the commercial and regulatory backend for Lumify did not yet exist. In the following months, Level 11 worked in close collaboration with the Lumify business team, Philips Design, Philips I.T. -- and broad representation from across the company -- to define, engineer, and implement the entire Lumify backend. 

Level 11 provided a skilled team of software developers, software quality engineers, DevOps engineers, UX and UI designers, and project management. This team, working alongside the business stakeholders at the Philips campus in Bothell, Washington, built the Lumify backend – and transitioned it to Production – in one year from initial conception. The "Lumify Administration Portal" is the user interface of the Lumify backend and provides the central administrative functions that enable authorized Philips employees to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of Lumify devices: from the creation of an initial quote; through order capture, returns and exchanges; and regular customer billing.

The heart of the system is a scalable, web-service architecture (REST) that serves as the cloud backend for all Lumify medical devices and provides bi-directional integration with Philips existing ERP systems. A modern Javascript UI provides a clean, intuitive experience for Portal users. This architecture allowed Level 11 to leverage legacy Philips infrastructure where possible, but to innovate and deliver rapidly in areas of differentiation. As one example, Level 11 implemented a subscription billing model for Lumify, which became the first subscription model implemented for any medical device at Philips. This one feature represents an enormous disruption to the market and fundamentally changes the adoption of mobile ultrasound throughout the healthcare continuum. As a second example, 


Level 11 developed a custom Electronic Device History Record (eDHR) system to satisfy the unique challenges of Lumify's many-to-many, app-based, bring-your-own-device ecosystem. This Lumify eDHR system maintains insight into the Philips factory ERP and maintains correct records through coordinated communications with all Lumify medical devices. In addition, the Lumify eDHR system provides remote command-and-control of Lumify devices, to safeguardpatient safety and Philips finances.

The Philips Lumify team continues to rely on Level 11 as a sole development partner for the Lumify backend. "Philips was first-to-market with the Lumify connected ecosystem thanks to our collaboration with Level 11. The disruptiveness of both the subscription-based business model and the product offering itself has been embraced by customers looking for a connected, mobile ultrasound solution. Level 11 has been our ally every step of the way, enabling us to focus on bringing Philips' outstanding image quality to a brand new type of customer," said Tony Gades, PhD, Philips Lumify Director of Technology.