Location Services: lok8



Level 11 offers technology portfolio of experience enablement platforms for location, communication, and analytics services. These mature platforms are flexible and can handle millions of transactions at once.

Location Services encompasses all the sensors, readers, static beacons and back-end event processing components that detect location. Don’t call it GPS, though, it’s much more precise than that. While GPS gets you to the convention center, Location Services gets you to the espresso stand in the convention center, and even enables you to pre-order and pay.


Customers and objects move through a physical space, and you need to connect the pipeline of data to downstream applications and systems which know how to translate bits into information. Location services is the bridge between the physical and digital, converting real physical movements into data that you can analyze and use to transform your business.

lok8 is one of our transformative technologies. We have implemented it in hundreds of autonomous environments supporting millions of guests.

  • Supports inexpensive BLE devices.

  • Innovative technology integrates data from static and mobile readers and beacons.

  • Client and server software for use in mobile devices and backend processing.

  • Supports both local and on-line solutions.

  • Highly scalable system provides efficient use of hardware and high availability.

  • Supports high performance data paths & algorithms providing location information with low-latency.

  • Provides configuration and monitoring applications to facilitate installation, tuning and operation of system.