James Vastbinder, Director of Engineering


James Vastbinder is a proven technology leader with over 20 years of experience in eCommerce, supply chain, product management, and the global software industry. With his career beginning in the earliest years of the internet, from his college dorm room, James helped found one of the Mountain States’ largest internet service providers. Before coming to Level 11, James was also co-founder and CTO of Ottemo (an eCommerce platform), director of engineering at Julep, and held various engineering roles at Microsoft, BroadVision, Zumiez, and InfoQ, among others.

At Level 11, James continues to develop bleeding-edge technology and industry-changing experiences. His team has built a Digital Media Experience platform which uses Object Detection, Face Recognition, and Location Awareness to dynamically build captions and tag users based on their proximity and inclusion in photographs.

James is a natural leader whose passion is building innovative solutions. Since moving to the PNW with his wife and five kids 16 years ago, James spends most weekends in the Cascades hiking or mountain biking or in his shop working on the next upgrade for his Jeep.

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