Internet of Things



“The Internet of Things” – Is it hardware and legacy enterprises trying to “Nestify” their products, or are companies responding to internal and external pressures to provide today’s consumer experience to yesterday’s services?

The Sunday evening consumer experience of watching HBO GO on your iPad is very different than the Monday morning employee experience of using a BlackBerry or your internal business systems on older versions of internet browsers.

The Internet of Things is built on a fabric of tightly-coupled hardware and software that connects and integrates with every component of the business. Embedding connectivity into the physical environment, instrumenting objects, and providing visibility into your world that you never had before.

With IoT technological foundations in place, your business can get in front of disruption and re-envision your customer experience, operational processes, and business models. Devices designed to interconnect your environments will transform your business.

Level 11 has invented platforms to run over 10 million individual wearables, as well as manage the lifecycle of the entire ecosystem. We “Nestify” products to get companies on the path to digital transformation.

At Level 11, our position is that IoT is not just about implementing new technologies, but transforming your organization to take advantage of the possibilities that new technologies provide.