Interactive Signage: comunik8



Level 11 offers technology portfolio of experience enablement platforms for location, communication, and analytics services. These mature platforms are flexible and can handle millions of transactions at once.

comunik8 is our custom and commercial best-of-breed visualization capabilities designed to inform, communicate, and influence user behaviors.

  • comunik8 engages users, customers and guests through visually appealing and emotive interactions.

  • comunik8 is the embodiment of visual story telling through an artful and intentional set of integrated visual technologies, leading edge design and systems thinking, and visual design language.

  • Level 11’s approach has been to combine the best of existing commercial solutions such as Tableau, Unity, D3js, WebGL and other graphical and video based tools and platforms to drive the intent and meaning of data and analytics, with the intersection of brand, entertainment, and emotions.


Using technology to transform a business starts by understanding it. How do customers interact with your business? What factors influence the way they perceive your company? Level 11 can help you answer these questions and help you identify and understands these “customer journeys.” Once we have jointly identified areas of concern, we can work with you to instrument the processes you use in these areas in order to better understand and, ultimately, turn weaknesses into strengths. In order to help you achieve this, Level 11 can provide expertise in numerous areas that have demonstrated their value in providing better customer experiences.


Retail businesses, hotels, sports arenas, hospitals and many other clients find that digital signage is a powerful way to offer self-serve information and access to features that help their customers. An interactive software experience with a combination of directories, navigational assistance, personalized promotions, communication features and security services can greatly improve customer experience. For Level 11, digital signage is a lot more than “signage”:

  • Presence-awareness

  • Location-awareness

  • Personalized content

  • Creative UX/UI design

  • Brand identity and strategy alignment

  • Content management

  • Extensible framework


Companies that sell hardware products have figured out that devices which talk to cloud-based services can provide real-time information that is of value to both company and customer. Level 11 has deep experience with managing remote devices, providing the data flow, and processing collected data using analytics that unleash whole new levels of insight to drive automation, improve service diagnostics, and improve ROI.

  • Fulfillment

  • Provisioning

  • Data collection

  • Firmware updates

  • Monitoring

  • Analytics

  • Servicing


Level 11, in conjunction with our hardware partners, has developed some of the most innovative smart devices available today. Our work includes the development of specifications to interact over wired and wireless protocols, as well as defining product capabilities and controls, device discovery, systems management, and integration with access and entitlement systems for experience automation. Our experienced partner network allows us to quickly prototype ideas as well as develop production-ready products with volume manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

  • Proprietary wearables

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


  • Sensors

  • Data concentrators

  • Door locks

  • Electronic gates

  • Presence detection

  • Cameras/Facial recognition


Level 11 employs seasoned software development engineers with extensive experience developing enterprise-class software. We can develop for all major platforms, and technology stacks. We are experienced with cloud services on Azure, AWS, and private cloud infrastructures.

  • Java

  • ReST

  • Jersey

  • .Net

  • node.js

  • Network security and access controls

  • Databases (SQL and key/value stores, file/memory/big data)


Increasingly, the success of products is determined by the quality of the user experience which they present to their customers. Level 11 has extensive experience with the latest front-end software technologies.

  • Windows

  • iOS

  • Android

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

  • Angular

  • Durandal

  • WebGL

  • Three.js

  • Edge

  • DirectX

  • 4K video rendering

  • Unity Game Engine


Many projects fail because they take too long to get started and, thus, never gather sufficient momentum. At Level 11, we understand the importance of speed and of demonstrating early results. We take pride in our ability to “spike” a complex problem, quickly demonstrating a path through all of the necessary components that proves that the solution is viable.

  • Analysis

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Demo orchestration


Businesses are awash in data yet often suffer because they make poor use of it. Level 11 can help you understanding what data is important to your organization and how to visualize that data to best exploit it.

  • Dashboards

  • Interactive

  • 3D