Experiential Design: Storytelling for Smart Spaces

Let’s move beyond Sign Systems.


Observe behavior, then innovate

We live in the era of always-on, cloud-connected services and mixed reality. Static signage systems have served us well to this point in human history, but people are rapidly experiencing new notions of place. It would seem that the pillars of placemaking are moving—or rather, those using our systems would jolly well like them to.

Level 11’s Experience Design Engineering (XDE) teams are students of human behavior. We are placemakers and storytellers who use digital systems as our primary tools.

  • In areas where people gather, we create compelling digital signage installations.

  • In spaces where visitors and guests need to navigate, we craft wayfinding apps that live on walls and in pockets.

  • For businesses who rely on knowing individuals’ context, we make knowledge accessible and actionable.


We work with organizations seeking to build next generation digital experiences.



Our ability to make it real


Digital Signage

Creating smarter spaces through technology and design

Venue Intelligence

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Wayfinding App

We’ve created award-winning wayfinding experiences just off the coast


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