Data Analytics: korl8



Level 11 offers technology portfolio of experience enablement platforms for location, communication, and analytics services. These mature platforms are flexible and can handle millions of transactions at once.

Our data and analytics programs aggregate information and perform real time analysis that is useful, meaningful, and most importantly: predictive.

The real time processing allows you to detect and respond to events in the now while the relevant analytics and visualizations empower you for the future. It is the power to make more informed decisions. With predictive analytics your company transforms from guessing customers’ needs to real time dynamic interactions fulfilling your customers’ intentions.


We built korl8 to be the best analytics processor that is fully customizable, integrates with existing technology, and sustainable to support ongoing improvements. It currently processes trillions of events a year for our customers.

  • korl8’s CEM platform captures customer data from multiple touch points (e.g. point of sale, web sites, surveys, social media and mobile apps). Level 11 then makes predictions that companies can use to influence customer behaviour and, in turn, increase retention and monetization.

  • Its cloud-based software product delivers amazing service and apps to help companies visualize and monetize their customers, provide location-based tracking systems for employers managing large employee populations, or in remote and hazardous work environments.

  • korl8 shows companies where to invest to maximize customer loyalty.