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Sometimes you know what you want, but you don't have the team to get it. Level 11's teams have the capability to deliver as big (or as small) as you need, at speed. Our teams engage with the right blend of design, development, QA, and DevOps. A key element to our approach is to 'Spike the Problem', by quickly identifying and prototyping the highest-risk component of the project. In this way we avoid deferring risk: we establish working technology for tackling the biggest challenges on Day One. Level 11's stellar track record is no accident; it has its origins in a set of key principles.

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Choose the Right Team

Despite mythology to the contrary, most software isn't (and cannot be) delivered through the heroic efforts of solitary software developers. High functioning software development teams are comprised of multiple roles and multiple skills, each representing an important link in the chain. Remove any critical role and the output will suffer. Level 11 focuses a critical eye on each new project to engage the right blend of Design, Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps and Project Management. For small prototyping projects, the right team might be as small as a pair of developers. For larger projects, Level 11 has provided multiple sub-teams that remain aligned through the guidance and oversight of Level 11's Design Studio and Program Management. In all cases, Level 11 chooses the team that is a match for the technical requirements of the project, the scope and scale of the vision, and the existing capabilities of your organization. The result is a natural fit.

Spike the Problem

Every major software project has a set of key technical risks. To ignore these risks – or to defer them – is a recipe for failure. Level 11's approach -- we call it, 'Spiking the Problem' -- addresses the most profound challenges of a project when they need to be addressed: at the beginning. Spiking the Problem is not an academic or theoretical approach; the "Spike" is real code, driven from top-to-bottom through all layers of the emerging system and intended to resolve the highest-risk aspects of the project. By Spiking the Problem, Level 11 establishes an early, deep understanding of the system and improves outcomes through the entire lifecycle of any project.

Experience Matters

Teams are only as strong (or as fast) as their weakest links. Level 11 teams are comprised of experts, with most team members having over 15 years of professional experience -- and dozens of Agile Sprints -- under their belts. In the same way that professional athletes report that the game "slows down", Level 11's experienced engineers are able to look beyond the current play, see the bigger picture, anticipate the needs of their teammates, and operate as a coordinated unit. This translates into less time learning the ropes, and more time designing, building and testing your software.

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