Sven Pleyer, Director of Innovation

Sven Pleyer is a strategic thinker who works with customers and partners at various levels to understand their needs, and translates those interactions into effective designs, improvements, and technical leaps that address existing and emerging problems across a range of categories. He understands the nuances of thought leadership and can translate complex issues and technology/research into simple, clear and compelling solutions. Experienced and proven business and technical partner with a talent for building teams, systems, and processes that propel organizational growth and success. Creates effective strategies, establishes and fosters best practices across disciplines and teams that reinforce the importance of delivering qualitative, quantitative and timely output to maximize results. Acknowledged by peers and management as a tenacious technical problem solver and being impervious to ambiguity. Expert in software development, program management, and design lifecycle practices, principles and techniques.

Prior to Level 11, Sven spent the majority of his professional career at Microsoft, where he worked on various products such as Exchange, Windows, IE, PhotoDraw, iTV, GlobalBox, WebTV, and others. Of the 24 years at the company, he worked the last 17 years for and supported C-level executives and senior leadership team members in their visions and strategies. Sven led a team of inter-disciplinary methodologists, with expertise balanced between quantitative and qualitative backgrounds. He created stories that inspired people and allowed them to experience the future through interactive and functioning concepts. In his years he has built application software with high visual quality, polish, and technical leaps to help executives describe the role of future technologies in people’s lives, and embody dreams for future technology and computing. His work has been featured in a variety of venues, including the Microsoft Home, Microsoft Envisioning Center and high profile demonstrations at key events by senior executives, such as for example Davos World Economic Forum, MGX (global sales meetings), CEO Summit, CES keynotes and other venues worldwide.

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